Me-dia-gra-pher/ˈmē-dēə-ɡrə-fər/ noun

Collective term for an Artist that focusses his qualities on more than one creative aspect. A fluid combination of still images, captured motion and dimensional designs, brought together in one package. Conceptual thinking, the power to translate an idea into a result and working outside of the box. To name a few. 
Synonym: Bas Vos, born in 1991, Blaricum - the Netherlands, has developed a creative skillset over time since 2009. Passionate about Photography / Videography / Graphic design / Events / Fashion design + Technical drawings. 
Most commonly found in creative, sport related, corporate, music and artistic environments. Typically places himself into the DNA of his subject, aims for a perfect fit and finds the perfect match for companies, brands, individuals and events he works with.

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